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How Time and Attendance Software Benefits Shift Planning

Time and attendance software solves many of the longtime problems with manual shift planning. The benefits of using software for your shift planning needs include the following:

More efficient shift planning. Forget pencil and paper (and all that pesky erasing and rewriting) – time and attendance software saves you all the tedium of shift planning. You can drag employees’ profiles into open shifts or drag currently scheduled employees to another open shift. You can also use schedule templates to streamline your shift planning, or you can simply copy this week’s schedule for next week.

More employee information. If your company has a large number of employees or locations, then you might not know each and every employee’s qualifications, availability, titles, and primary worksite. With time and attendance software, you can see all this information for each employee in just a few clicks. As a result, you can plan your shifts based on where your needs and your employees’ skills overlap.

Easier to schedule around employees. Given the wealth of employee information in your time and attendance software, you’ll have an easier time assigning your best employees to your busiest shifts. You may also find it easier to pair old employees with new ones, thus giving your newer team members someone to learn from on the job.

Availability chart for last-minute shift changes. In shift planning, you should always expect the best but plan for the worst – perhaps several employees call out sick or don’t show up. In that case, your time and attendance software’s availability chart can save the day. Open it to see whom you can call in on a moment’s notice to cover some or all of an unexpectedly absent employee’s shift.

More employee involvement. Whereas pencil and paper shift planning does little to alert employees as you’re scheduling them, time and attendance software inherently involves them. Software-based shift planning allows employees to bid on shifts or swap assigned shifts with other employees. Your employees can also use your software to note when they’re available, so you don’t schedule them when they’re not free.

Labor budgeting. When you plan shifts using a reliable time and attendance software platform, you can set the maximum amount of money you’d like to spend on employee labor (including overtime pay). Your software can then alert you if the way you’ve arranged shifts for the week exceeds this budget. Thereafter, you can rearrange your schedule until you fall within budget.

Third-party integrations. Time and attendance software often integrates seamlessly with your platforms for payroll and invoicing. This integration means that you won’t have to manually add your employees’ hours to your payroll platform to ensure they’re paid for their work. Some time and attendance software programs can also integrate with your POS systems to help establish a link between schedules and revenue.

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