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Channels to Grow Website Traffic and Increase Leads

To grow the volume of your website’s inbound lead generation, at some point you will need to grow the volume of website visitors. In this article, I will cover several online marketing methods that can keep the top of the marketing funnel flowing. Following are some marketing channels to grow website traffic and increase leads that would matter most for me as a service-based small business, along with my assessment of the overall importance of each.

Marketing channels to grow your website traffic and increase leads

  1. Referrals
    Referral marketing (also called word-of-mouth marketing) is the holy grail of customer acquisition. Every professional service business depends, in varying degrees, on referrals. It usually has the highest ROI of all of your marketing channels, and routinely churns out the best customer leads. For some service-based businesses, referrals deliver enough customers to keep their businesses humming. For most, referrals are just a piece of your overall pie. Whatever your customer growth strategy is, referrals should be a leading part of it.

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  1. Online publicity
    Find opportunities to have your business featured in publications. I am not suggesting that you hire a PR firm on retainer unless your business has the marketing dollars to support it. But there are more affordable ways to create your own PR.

As one example, there is a publicity resource called Help a Reporter Out (HARO) that connects writers looking for quotes from subject matter experts. Additionally, you can put out press releases of newsworthy news or events that you want to share about your business. Services like PRWeb and PRnewswire have packages available for small businesses.

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